1. "QuĂ© GORRRDA estoy…"

  3. "Ik not looking for attention, its just that i need to tell it somewhere and i know that nobody i know will read it"

  4. "Somebody should tell my parents the difference between being good parents and paying the stuff they’ve been told to pay.
    Right now im crying under the sink with scratches all over my arms.
    Im back."

  5. "You’re so perfect, and I’m so… Me."

  6. "It seems that my parents want me to kill myself."

  7. "The sound of his heart is the best lullaby"

  8. "Sometimes it’s way too hard keeping yourself happy and you just want to kill yourself a thousand times…
    I told him about my past a couple of days ago, and since then it’s way harder for me to be as happy as before, maybe I wasn’t happy because of him, and I was happy because i had to hid it so i partcialy forgot."

  9. My therapy

    I’ve discovered something that may help you all.

    I was getting bad again, i didn’t even sleep last night, so this morning when i wasn’t really able to move myself but i knew i had to because i had to go to see a friend of mine, i saw my guitar and i realized i haven’t been playing it for a really long time.
    So that i oblied my body to move, and well i have to say that i’m just learning to play the guitar so it didn’t sound really good at all and i hadn’t time enough to turn the laptop on to see any chord of any song, so that i played what i could remember from any song, so you all can imagine how it sounded…
    But the point is that i got a little bit better in so little time and that made me even a bit happier, because i realized that the best way to help yourself is finding your own therapy.
    So now i know that music is mine and probably it is for a lot of people…

    And yeah, that’s what i wanted to share and i hope it’s helpful for you.

    I love you all.


  10. "If they want to give you a name, take it, make it your own. Then they can’t hurt you with it anymore"
    — Tyrion Lannister
    “Game of thrones”