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    I AM inspiration positive words

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  3. This image made me laugh so i hope i can at least make you smile with it

  4. Never let other tell who you are. Be exactly the one you want to be.


  5. this lady is now my heroine.
    This girl made me realizethat i can be happy, but i have to fight for it. You may think that you have fought enough now, but you can fight harder. I promise.
    Always remember, if you aren’t happy yet, then you can fight more.


  7. Time for a change

    I’m sorry I’ve been this sad and depressing you all guys.
    As you know, life is never easy and I was about to give up. But then i realized that life does worth it and i worth it, but i just didn’t catch the right perspective.
    It wasn’t about what people though of me or about my look, shape or anything, i honestly never cared about those things. It was about what i used to think of me.
    But I’ve realized that the problem is me, not me, but my point of view of myself. So that i decided to change it. I saw that I was wrong most of the time but also i saw that i was right sometimes, that I was so focused on how sad and stupid i was that i was becoming it and fucking myself up.
    So i decided i could change, because if all that shit was my fault, I should be able to make it work again.
    And so I am trying.
    No more tabacco.
    No more alcohol.
    No more weed.
    No more hash.
    No more cuts
    No more pain.
    No more worrying about things that can be wrong.
    No more sadnes.

    So that guys, I will turn this blog in a encouragement blog. I won’t delete my previous posts so that, they will make people see that they can make it change.
    Obviously i will be bad sometimes and i will make you know, because it’s not going to be easy and you have to know it. But i will try my best



  8. "I haven’t been living my life. I have been living a punishment because they didn’t get what they want."

  9. "He made me love myself again. He made me feel important and made my life look great. But that fucking whore and that stupid dick want me to kill myself.
    They had always made my life feel worthles and a fucking shit in general. It’s not society what’s been killing me since i can remember."