1. "Suicidal thoughts are coming back and i’m so freaked out."

  2. "You can’t expect anyone to love you if you can’t love yourself."

  3. "I miss that kid…"

  4. "QuĂ© GORRRDA estoy…"

  6. "Ik not looking for attention, its just that i need to tell it somewhere and i know that nobody i know will read it"

  7. "Somebody should tell my parents the difference between being good parents and paying the stuff they’ve been told to pay.
    Right now im crying under the sink with scratches all over my arms.
    Im back."

  8. "You’re so perfect, and I’m so… Me."

  9. "It seems that my parents want me to kill myself."

  10. "The sound of his heart is the best lullaby"